Combined Facial Threading & Waxing Course

Threading is an artform, creating clean lines with precision, while refining the appearance of the face. Threading is the solution for those looking for a natural and beneficial technique of hair removal.  Waxing, at the most basic level, uproots hair. This means that it removes hair from its root. Thereby by combining Threading and Waxing you can achieve a neater facial treatment.  On this course you learn both techniques of hair removal.

Combined Facial Threading & Waxing Practitioner Diploma One-Day Course

Cost: -
£225.00  Accredited/Approved by: ABP (Alliance of Beauty Practitioners), IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

Booking Fee: - included in course price   

Pre-Requisites: None
Kit:- N/A
Course:  Length One Day


Model may be required:  If more than one student is booked onto the course then students will be practising on each other - NOTE: if no other students book onto the course then the course will still run as 1-2-1 training on a model which you need to bring with you to practise on.


Threading hair is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries, like Egypt and India, but is becoming very popular here in the West.  Threading removes the entire hair follicle, lasting up to 6 weeks.  A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso and lifts the hair right out of the follicle.

  • It's extremely sanitary.  Nothing but the thread touches the skin, and it's thrown away after use.
  • Great for people with 'trouble' brows.  Threading has this amazing ability to be so concise in the hair that it removes.  It's sworn by people who say they can never get their eyebrows even, despite tweezing, waxing or sugaring.
  • No chemicals are applied on the skin.  When people have certain circumstances, or are taking medicine that conflicts with waxing and sugaring, they can still get threading done.
  • It's very fast


Waxing is the procedure for removing the facial (or body hair) from the roots by applying hot wax on the skin and ripping it off quickly.  Waxing uproots the hair; therefore the hair growth is slowed down.  Waxing is used on the face to remove excess hair from Eyebrows, Lips, Chin and other facial hair.


  • Perfect for women who suffer from a lot of facial hair
  • Uproot the Hair Shaft and Gradually Damage the Hair Follicle resulting in less regrowth
  • Hairs that do grow back in will be noticeably thinner, lighter and finer
  • Brightens the Complexion and Improves the Texture of the Skin


This is a very in-depth course covering:

  • Introduction
  • Course objectives
  • What is Threading
  • What is Waxing
  • Benefits
  • How to Measure and shape the Eyebrows
  • Different Eyebrow and Facial Shapes
  • How to carry out safely and effectively: full facial hair removal using threading and waxing techniques
  • Products and equipment needed
  • Setting-up
  • Contraindications
  • Consultations
  • Client Advice/After Care/Patch Testing
  • Hygiene, Health & Safety & Legislation
  • Insurance, GDPR/ Data Protection & Marketing
  • Relevant A&P
  • Treatment Protocol
  • Q & A's
  • Risk Assessment


  • Home Study (10 guided learning hours)
  • 1 day practical
  • 6 case studies


TRAINING DATES:  Training dates are booked by individual arrangement at each training venue - please complete the ONLINE COURSE DATE FORM advising which venue and what month you are looking to do the course (a list of training dates will then be sent to you and you pick the most convenient date for you)

This course is available at:  Across the UK (in various locations in England, Scotland and Wales)