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Editable Pre-Approved Training Manuals for Accreditation


           See the source imageABP Alliance of Beauty Practitioners


Are you looking to set up your own Training Academy and write your own course manuals?


Or are you an existing Training provider but looking to introduce new courses but do not have time to write new course manuals? 

Then these manuals are for you.


During lockdown we have come across so many poorly written manuals with hardly any content – that we decided to offer our in-depth training manuals for sale.


These manuals have already met accreditation standards and been approved by ABT and/or CMA, ABP, IPHM.  We know that the process of writing courses can be so time consuming and so by offering these editable course manuals, you can get your course manual completed and sent off for accreditation within minutes.


All you need to do is add your Business Name and Logo and change the treatment routine to one that you are familiar with or you can retain the one already given in the manual and then off you go! 


EASY ACCREDITATION - and even better still - we have teamed up with ABP (Associated Beauty Practitioners) who will accredit these courses for you if you do not currently have an accreditation company for your courses.   (For more information of how to accredit the courses with ABP - please click here)


So what are you waiting for!  Please click on the individual categories below for further details and course manuals available.  (NOTE:  If a course manual is not showing please check in the Bespoke category as these manuals are now available for purchase but we are awaiting for the website pages to be updated)


Anatomy & Physiology Course Manuals Bespoke Course Manuals
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Aesthetic Editable Course Manuals Beauty & Electrical Facial Editable Course Manuals
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Holistic Facial Editable Course Manuals
Body & Electrical Editable Course Manuals
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Eyelash/Brow Treatment Editable Course Manuals
Hair Removal Editable Course Manuals
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Make Up Application & Tanning Editable Course Manuals
Nail Course Editable Manuals 
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Holistic Therapy Editable Course  Manuals
Body Massage Editable Course Manuals
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Ear, Head, Hand & Foot Massage Editable Course Manuals
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