Zen Tranquility Holistic Beauty Training Studio

Asian and Oriental inspired Massage Beauty Holistic Practitioner Diploma Courses



Angelic Reiki Healing Level I & II Course
Baby & Infant Reflexology Instructor Course
Crystal & Gemstone Healing Course
EFT Tapping Instructor Course
Reflexology Course
Maternity Reflexology Course
Sound Bath Therapy Course
Usui Reiki Level II Course
Angelic Reiki Level III Master Course
Chinese Hand Reflexology Course
Ear Reflexology Course
Hopi Ear Candling inc Massage Course
Hands Free Reflexology Course
Shellology Course
Tibetan Acu Sound Table Therapy Course
Usui Reiki Level III Master Course
Aromatherapy Blending Course for Therapists
Colour Healing Therapy Course
Eastern Cupping Therapy Course
Meditation Instructor Course
Hot Stone & Jade Reflexology Course
Seashell Healing Course
Usui Reiki Level I Course
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