Indonesian Mande Lular Massage Practitioner One Day Course

Cost: -   £210.00 (including Booking Fee of £50.00)

Awarding Body:  This course is insurable and accredited/approved by the Professional bodies: ABP (Alliance of Beauty Practitioners), CMA (Complementary Medical Association) & IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and insured by Balens Insurance, BGI Insurance UK & European, Insync Insurance, Sun Alliance Insurance, Towergate Insurance & Westminster Insurance.

Pre-Requisite:    Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology and Full Body Massage qualification

Training Dates/Venues:    This course is available at:  Across the UK (in various locations in England, Scotland and Wales)


Indonesian Massage or Mande Lular Massage is a deep oil-based massage and is an ancient system of healing, dating back more than 4,000 years.  It dates back almost as far as a Chinese massage and could be regarded as one of the original oil based massage therapies.  Fusing the cultural heritage of Central Java, the spice island of Indonesia, and the ancient precepts of Indian massage, energy lines and marma points, Mande Lular Massage, as it is known today comprises a deep, relaxing massage using products to exfoliate, soften and nourish the skin.

Traditionally reserved for prospective brides, this luxurious treatment is considered to be a form of spiritual and physical purification and, consequently, an excellent preparation for marriage and child-birth.  In Indonesia, the Mande Lular treatment is an essential element of a preparatory ritual which can last forty days, this pre-marital custom is honoured as a time for the women of the family to commune and give advice to the bride-to-be.

This unique and luxurious treatment consists of three stages, exfoliation, massage using dry hand movements and deep tissue massage with oils and using nourishing warm body cream.  This treatment will leave your clients feeling well and truly treated and relaxed.


The benefits and cleansing properties of the Mande Lular Massage are directly related to the treatment of the energy lines, marma points of the body, which incorporated with the massage produces holistic healing experience for the whole body.

  • Stimulates blood flow and circulation in the body
  • Improves texture of the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines
  • Improves lymphatic drainage which combats the signs of ageing and boosts the immune system
  • Tension headaches/Migraine

Course Content & Learning Outcomes

  • History and benefits of Indonesian Mande Lular Massage
  • To learn about the Energy System and Marma points
  • Your working environment
  • Code of Practice and Insurance for Therapists
  • Health & Safety
  • Data Protection/GDPR/Client Confidentiality
  • Consultation including contra-indications
  • Contra-actions/ aftercare advice
  • Marketing
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Hygiene and Professionalism
  • Massage techniques
  • The Indonesian Mande Lular Massage Therapy routine 


Duration: 1 Day Practical in the Classroom (if training with other students)

Home study: 2 day guided learning hours required to be completed before the training day (emailed to you). This allows for an intensive one day practical study of the routine

Everything you need to learn this treatment is included in this course.

Case Studies: You will be required to submit 6 case studies (2 people x 3 times or 3 people x 2 times) before you receive your certificate (although please note if the tutor feels that you have not reached a competent standard after completing your practical training and case studies then you will be set a reassessment. There is an additional charge for this being £40.00).

TRAINING DATES:  Training dates are booked by individual arrangement at each training venue - please complete the online Course Date Form advising which venue and what month you are looking to do the course (a list of training dates will then be sent to you and you pick the most convenient date for you)

Training Dates/Venues:  This course is available at:  Across the UK (in various locations in England, Scotland and Wales)

Please read Terms and Conditions before booking or paying for this course

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