Korean Hand & Foot Acupressure Massage Practitioner One Day Course

Cost: -   £210.00 (including Booking Fee of £50.00)

Awarding Body:  This course is insurable and accredited/approved by the Professional bodies: ABP (Alliance of Beauty Practitioners) & IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) and insured by BGI Insurance UK & European, Insync Insurance, Sun Alliance Insurance, Towergate Insurance & Westminster Insurance.

Pre-Requisite:    None - suitable for beginners, although we do recommend studying Anatomy & Physiology alongside this course

Training Dates/Venues:   This course is available at:  Across the UK (in various locations in England, Scotland and Wales)

MODEL MAY BE REQUIRED:If more than one student is booked onto the course then students will be practising on each other - NOTE: if no other students book onto the course then the course will run as 1-2-1 training on a model which you will need to bring with you to practise on.


Korean Hand Acupressure (known as Koryo Sooji Chim) works on the theory that the hands are microcosms of the body.  This therapy was first originated, studied and developed by a Korean Acupuncturist, Dr. Tae Woo Yoo, who found that the function of the human body could be manipulated and regulated by stimulating the corresponding points of the hands.  In the Korean system of hand acupressure the acupuncture points on the human body are matched by corresponding points on the hands.  In addition the meridians or channels of classical acupuncture theory correspond to so-called "micro-meridians" in the hands.  These micro-meridians and the acupressure points are supposed to be able to affect the corresponding organs of parts of the body. For instance, the points along the middle finger correspond to the acupuncture points on the human head.  So you can treat the head by manipulating the relevant points on the middle finger.  Every joint in the hand represents a joint in the body and the therapy is an especially good treatment for muscular-skeletal problems.  This system also applies to the feet and you will learn a Korean Foot Acupressure treatment as well as hand treatment

This treatment is totally different to any Hand Reflexology treatment as it works more on the premise of an acupuncture treatment.

Course Content & Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction
  • Course Objective
  • What is Korean Hand & Foot Acupressure Massage and how does it work
  • History and principles of Acupressure
  • Meridian System
  • Client Consultation procedure
  • Consultation Form
  • GP Referral Letter
  • Contraindications and Client's expectations
  • How to prepare for the treatment
  • Hygiene and Professionalism
  • Preparing your work area
  • Your working environment
  • Health & Safety
  • Health & Safety for COSHH Regulations
  • Industry Regulations
  • Professional Ethics
  • Insurance
  • Data Protection/GDPR/Client Confidentiality
  • Risk Assessment
  • Code of practise for Therapists
  • Marketing
  • Aftercare Advice
  • Anatomy & Physiology relevant to this treatment
  • The Korean Hand & Foot Acupressure Masssage routine


  • Home Study (12 guided learning hours)
  • 1 Day Practical
  • 6 case studies (2 People x 3 times or 3 People x 2 times)

TRAINING DATES:  Training dates are booked by individual arrangement at each training venue - please complete the online Course Date Form advising which venue and what month you are looking to do the course (a list of training dates will then be sent to you and you pick the most convenient date for you)

Venues:   This course is available at:  Across the UK (in various locations in England, Scotland and Wales)


Please read Terms and Conditions before booking or paying for this course

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