Microblading (Eyebrow Embroidery)


Microblading (Eyebrow Embroidery) Practitioner Diploma Three-Day Course -

Cost: -   £800.00 (including Booking Fee of £50.00)

Awarding Body:  This course is insurable and accredited/approved by the Professional bodies: ABP (Alliance of Beauty Practitioners), CMA (Complementary Medical Association), IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine) & Towergate Health and Beauty and insured by Balens Insurance, BGI Insurance UK & European, Insync Insurance, Sun Alliance Insurance, Towergate Insurance & Westminster Insurance.

Pre-Requisite:   Brow Tinting & Shaping Qualification

Training Dates/Venues:  This course is available at:  Across the UK (in various locations in England, and Scotland)

Models are Required:  No Models required for Day 1 & Day 2 Training, Three Models required for Day 3 Training - ALL MODELS NEED A PATCH TEST 48 HOURS BEFORE ________________________________________________________________________________


Microblading is the latest technology to be used to transform eyebrows. As opposed to permanent makeup, microblading treatment only uses semi-permanent makeup, lasting up to three years. What’s more, the treatment is done manually, meaning that each blade is drawn on to look natural alongside your other hairs, using a pen with small needles. The treatment is extremely delicate and doesn’t penetrate the skin; it simply marks the epidermal (outer) layer, leading to its nickname of “eyebrow embroidery”.

Microblading is effective at:

  • Reduce the amount of time necessary to get ready in the morning
  • Gives those with skin diseases like alopecia or hair loss secondary to chemo a natural looking brow
  • Helps to give Eyebrows a fuller look and cover scars
  • Does not smudge or smear off, even with exercise for those with an active lifestyle
  • Lasts 1-3 years (if the top up that is required six weeks after first treatment is given)
  • Pigment does not change colour, only loses saturation
  • Its very safe and virtually pain-less

Before & After Photos


Course Content & Learning Outcomes

  • Dermatology Basics
  • The Science
  • Colour Theory
  • Legislations and requirements
  • Health and Safety
  • Data Protection/GDPR/Client Confidentiality
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Consultation & Documentation
  • Contraindications, Precautions, Side Effects
  • Introduction to Microblading
  • Equipment & Needles
  • Trolley Set-Up
  • The Treatment Application of Eyebrows
  • Client Homecare
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule
  • Cleansing & Storage
  • Marketing



Duration: Three Day Practical in the Classroom -

Home study: 2 day guided learning hours required to be completed before the training day (emailed to you). This allows for an intensive three days practical study of the routine

Everything you need to learn this treatment is included in this course.

Kit: Is included in the course price and will be supplied to you before your training day to patch test with.

Case Studies: You will be required to submit 6 case studies before you receive your certificate (although please note if the tutor feels that you have not reached a competent standard after completing your practical training and case studies then you will be set a reassessment. There is an additional charge for this being £40.00).


Please read Terms and Conditions before booking or paying for this course