ProSpa Body Massage Kit

ProSpa Body Massage Kit

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ProSpa Full Body Massage Student Kit: £21.96

ProSpa Body Massage Kit is the perfect kit to get you started on performing a Full Body Massage treatment on your clients

Everything will you need for Full Body Massage treatment.  ProSpa Massage Kit contains all the essentials necessary to perform a relaxing and ambient body massage treatment.   This Student kit has been carefully and specifically designed to ensure it is easy to use and apply as physically possible for a beginner and that it contains everything to get started with.  Containing everything you need to provide this treatment, including PPE and massage oil.

Body Massage Student Starter Kit includes: 

  • ProSpa Massage Oil
  • ProSpa Headband
  • ProSpa Hairnets  x10
  • ProSpa Face Mask  x10