ProSpa Microblading Kit

ProSpa Microblading Kit

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ProSpa Microblading Student Kit: £149.99

ProSpa Microblading Kit is the perfect kit to get you started on performing a Powder Dip Nails Extension treatment on your clients

Everything will you need for a Microblading treatment.  ProSpa Microblading Kit contains all of the essentials necessary for you create the most stunning brows on your client .   This Student kit has been carefully and specifically designed to ensure it is easy to use for a beginner and that it contains everything to get started with..  Containing everything you need to provide this treatment.

Microblading Student Starter Kit includes: 

  • Tina Davies Brown Pigment 15ML
  • Nano Blades
  • Practice Skin Plain
  • Mapping Pro Pencil (Black)
  • ProSpa Threading Thread
  • ProSpa Mascara Wands and Lint Free Applicators
  • ProSpa Microfibre Brushes
  • ProSpa Measuring Caliper
  • Sharps Bin
  • PPE Kit
  • Vitamin A and D Sachets x 10
  • ProSpa Green Soap
  • ProSpa Small Inkpot Holder
  • ProSpa Mircopots Medium x 50
  • ProSpa Long Swabs x 20
  • ProSpa White Finger Rings x 20
  • ProSpa Stick on Rule x 10
  • ProSpa Lancets
  • Eyebrow Razors x 5