ProSpa Sugaring Kit

ProSpa Sugaring Kit

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ProSpa Sugaring Student Kit: £99.99

ProSpa Sugaring Kit is the perfect kit to get you started on Sugaring your clients 

Everything will you need for Sugaring treatments.  ProSpa Sugaring course kit is perfect for removing hair easily and affectively for your clients.  This kit has been carefully and specifically designed to ensure it is as easy use and apply as physically possible by beauty specialists.  Containing everything you need to provide this treatment.

Sugaring Student Starter Kit includes: 

  • ProSpa Sugar Paste
  • ProSpa Talc Powder
  • ProSpa Rose Gold Tweezers
  • Prospa Rose Gold Scissors
  • ProSpa Wax Spatulas x 100
  • ProSpa Wax Strips x 100
  • ProSpa Pre Wax Cleanser 250ML
  • ProSpa After Wax 250ML
  • Box of Vinyl Gloves x 50 Pairs
  • Facemasks x 10
  • Hair nets x 25
  • Aprons x 10